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Live Your History

Those who know me, know these two things about me–My passion is travel and I love all-things historical. So, it stands to reason that most of my travels are usually planned around places of historic significance. This love for historical adventures started when I was 12 and my parents loaded us kids in our wood paneled station wagon and headed out from Kentucky on a road trip to explore from DC to Maine. I can still recall the sensation that swept over me when I, for the first time, stood in front of the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and when I looked up at the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and when I stood beneath the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol.It was a mixture of excitement and wonder and as strange as it sounds, energizing. The love for seeing and experiencing history that was sparked in that 12 year-old girl still burns bright four decades later.

Our nation's history is so much more than memorizing names and dates. To stand on the ground where President Lincoln addressed the crowd in Gettysburg, to walk along the Minuteman Trail, to look out at the vast ocean atop a lighthouse, knowing you’re looking out at the same view the lonely, isolated lighthouse keeper looked at in centuries past, to take in the majestic beauty of a National Park, there because of other’s foresight a century ago, to pause for a moment of silence at Pearl Harbor, the Vietnam Memorial or Ground Zero; to actually experience these incredible aspects of our history is so much more meaningful than just reading about them.

Seeing and experiencing history is not only more meaningful, it is SO much more fun. You learn all kinds of interesting tidbits of historical trivia. For instance, did you know  that the city that is your state’s government seat is the capital and the building that houses that government is the capitol? Here’s a couple trivia questions for you. Most lighthouses are now all un-manned and automated. The first lighthouse that was commissioned after the country was the United States will always be manned because it is the first. Where is that lighthouse? Click and see!little-brewster-island/c1l5i

One more trivia question—Where was the FIRST English colony in America? Here’s a clue…it was not the Plymouth Pilgrims or the Jamestown settlement. Give up?

Here ya go:

I always make the comment that I like to “live my history”. I guess that doesn't even make sense, but I know what I mean. Climb a lighthouse, visit the nation's capital, your state capital, a national park, a battle field, a president’s home, Independence Hall, the “Fountain of Youth”, the Alamo, Salem and its witch trials. Well, you get the idea.

lighthouse capital building

Our great country was born from those searching for religious freedom. It was carved out by innovators and inventors, writers and reformists, farmers and entrepreneurs.  We struggled with growing pains as we fought for civil rights and equal rights. To appreciate those who are carving the path for a better future, we must appreciate those who paved the way before us. When you visit and see and experience the sights of the past, you cannot help but sense the indomitable spirit on which our country was built. Though I was too young to understand it, it was that spirit that I sensed, as a 12 year old, standing in front of the White House, begging my parents to wait just one more minute because I was sure the President was going to look out a window and wave to me.

Plan an adventure and go live some history.

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