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Gilmore Girls

Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills is Gilmore Girls country.  Come see all the landmarks that were the inspiration for the Gilmore Girls’ hometown of Star Hollow, as well as the location for the Annual Gilmore Girls Fan Festival.  A decade later, legions of fans from around the world still make the pilgrimage to New Milford, Connecticut and the surrounding area to explore the locale that launched the award-winning show that continues to attract new generations of loyal fans.

Mention that you are a Gilmore Girls fan and our staff will equip you with all the details to make sure you don’t miss any of the local hot spots.  From Luke’s Diner to Independence Inn, to the Village Green and town gazebo, you will feel like you’re stepping onto the set and into the world of Lorelai and the entire Gilmore Girl cast.

Homestead Inn is steps away from New Milford’s beautiful and historic Village Green and the starting point for exploring all that is Gilmore Girls.  Even if you aren’t a GG fan, our Village Green is loaded with Americana and New England charm.  So, whether you’re here to visit all-things Gilmore Girls or just needing a getaway, the Green’s shops and eateries are a guaranteed good time.

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